From the recording “43” ~ You Hold the Keys

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The single "Holding Me Up", was inspired by a poem that my son wrote, soon after the accident. Being so far away, incarcerated, dealing with the worst thing he'll ever deal with.... sober, alone, scared and wanting to die... I felt hopeless and knew it was only him and God that would ever get him through this. When I learned Kevin was writing poems, and after seeing a couple of his letters.... reading his emotions, his feelings, his daily experience of "hanging on".... I realized quickly his lifeline.... writing and music. I told Kevin that his poems were like songs and I was going to write them into lyrics and record an album, of his songs, and tell his story.... that these songs will help others make life-changing decisions..... Kevin got it... he said "Mom, they'll listen to me because of what I've done"... I said yes... they will. We pray daily for the victims... the man who died, and his wife who experienced, lived, and witnessed this horrific event, while she called 911. My son wishes he was the one who died... I told him that God decided to do it this way... and it's our responsibility to honor these lives and Kevin's life to save others with this experience. Kevin prays every day for the victims and for his children, I do too... "God and The Law" is our daily walk... "Holding Me Up", is the first song that we wrote together, it's Kevin's "pivot song" represents his life leading up to the song and his life after the song. It's the beginning of our journey and purpose.


Kevin Aldridge & Penny Menze
©March 1, 2022

I tried to live without you God
And it tore me apart
Yeah, I caused it
Can’t break that to my heart

Promises broken
Come visit in my sleep
Such painful reminders
Of a life that wouldn’t be

If this is what sobriety looks like
When I can’t take another night
I need medication so bad
I’m afraid I’ll give up, because I can’t fight
If this is what sobriety looks like
God will you hold me up
At the bottom
When I’m hanging on for life

You hold me up
When I can’t make it on my own
You fight my fight
When I’m all alone

When I rise in the dawn
So beat up and weak
I realize you’re here with me
Because you won’t accept defeat

That’s what sobriety looks like
When you can’t take another night
When you need medication so bad
Afraid you’ll give up, because you can’t fight
That’s what sobriety looks like
When God’s holding you up
At the bottom
When you’re hanging…..

God I know it's you
Holding me up
This time