I'm Sorry 

By: Kevin Aldridge ©5/12/22 


 I woke up alone with you on my mind 

And It made me wonder, do you start your day like mine? 

I know we've never met, but I owe everything to you 

And if you have a minute, may I say I'm sorry 

Sorry to you 


I found out who loves me and who's gonna let me fall 

I found out the meaning of my back against the wall 

And the hardest thing I'll ever have to do 

Is to say I'm sorry 

Sorry to you 


You're the strongest woman that I never knew 

And you're the woman I'd give anything to 

And yes, if you asked,  I'd give up my life 

But before I do, let me say sorry 

Sorry to you 


I wonder if you know

You visit me in sleep 

You're not mean or hateful

Just a decent human being 

You always ask the question

And I give the same reply 


I'll write a few songs and help the next one in line 

The guy stuck in a bottle or a wife left behind 

And until my days are through 

I'll always be here 

I'll always be here for you 


My God I'm so sorry 

Sorry to you



Mom said to use this time 

And write your wrongs 

Twelve years in prison 

Should yield a thousand songs 


Use this block of time 

To show your daughters how you feel 

Help them understand 

So they might go and heal 


Write letters every week 

To those you love the most 

Let 'em know your OK 

That will give 'em hope 


If you have to strike then mean it 

Others will leave you alone 

Kindness is strength 

In the eye of the storm 


Be yourself 

Help people every day 

That's the only thing savin' you 

Come Judgement day 


I love you Mom 

I'll make it because of you! 

Love, Kevin 


Kevin Aldridge 

© 11/13/22 


That’s My Guitar


It's old and smells like smoke 

Been rebuilt a time or two 

It'll take a beating and still come through 

It's closed down a few bars 

That's My Guitar 

  Got it from my Momma,  in 2008 

I didn't have the patience 

She tried to teach me late 

Only thing I got still straight, safe and locked in a case 

That's my Guitar  



Merle Haggard signed it

She sounds good when she strums

Curt Taggart marked it before he passed on

She wears scars and scratches 

But they're all beautiful to me

And the first dollar she ever made

Still rides in that  ragged case 



She's been all over coast to coast 

If I had to bet she played Nashville the most 

Broke her neck to make a buck 

From Bill's Bar , Show Low, Arizona to the Broken Spoke 

That's My Guitar 

These days I write songs in prison 

They denied me at parole 

And I may sit here 'till I'm old and grey 

But Someday I'll bring all these songs home 

To Texas that's where she waits for me 

That's My Guitar 



My momma made a living with it 

It's how I was raised 

Someday it will be my turn 

To let her play 



Merle Haggard signed it 

She sounds good when she strums 

Curt Taggart marked it before he passed on 

She wears scars and scratches

But they're all beautiful to me

And the first dollar she ever made 

Still rides in that  ragged case 



She's old and smells like smoke 

That's My Guitar

Kevin Aldridge & Penny Menze   (c)2022


 By: Kevin Aldridge ©4/2022 


  With a life filled with so much pain and guilt 

I'm carefully playing the cards I've been dealt 

 My hands are shaking, I'm rattled with bloodshot eyes 

 It's got to the point I can no longer hide 


  The cards I've been dealt haven't always been fair 

 Everything I've loved or worked for is gone into thin air 

 Filled with so much pain and guilt 

 I have to face this life I've built 


  Soon my hands will stop shaking my eyes will be white 

 I'll realize I'm strong and I can still fight 

 The dealer can't bluff me 

 I'll finally win 

  With family beside me, God, and a few good friends