By Kevin Aldridge

Where do I start....

..... I guess with my last drink February 26, 2022.  It's also the last time I drove drunk, and the first time I killed someone.

I'm not unique, I'm not better, I ain't worse than you.  I'm a guy that woke up and started writing.  It was that or take my own life. 

The song "Holding Me Up", was written three days after my accident, or should I say remembered.  I was on suicide watch and didn't have a paper or pen. "Holding Me Up" was a conversation I had with myself and God. I hope it speaks to you.  It's as real as it gets!

I wanted to die so bad, but they wouldn't stop watching me.  It's like they could read my mind. Now I never told anyone at the jail my plans.  I guess when you're charged with what I was facing, it's an automatic thing... suicide watch...naked with one heavy blanket that velcro's around you.  I layed in that turtle suit for almost a week. 

When they moved me out of suicide watch to a ten day quarantine unit, I was given a paper and pen.  I wrote my friend John a letter. This was the day I started my journey with "God and The Law".

I prayed.  I didn't know what else to do.  I prayed for my victim, his wife, and I prayed for God to let me end it.   I wrote "God and The Law" that night. Instead of hanging myself, I wrote a song. 

Every time I prayed, God answered in ways I was not expecting, but I was ready and I prepared my whole life to do what I'm doing now.  I can say with 100% certainty, if I had someone like me to talk to leading up to my crash, a good man, would still be here today.... I'm here still, and I'm here for you, but we've got to start without the keys.  Please don't drink and drive, it kills good people. 

I'm going to bring you with me, where I've been, where I'm at.  I'll pick you up,  I might push you down, depending on where you're at.  I know how it feels, but remember, it can get worse.  Listen to my songs, read my poems, send me a letter, I'll write you back.  Let me know how I can help you stay on track. 

I have years in prison to do.  I owe time to a good person that didn't deserve to die. I owe time to his wife who was injured in ways I could never imagine. I owe it to them to use this horrible nightmare as a platform to reach that guy stuck in a bottle, the wife, mother and child left behind.

Let me know how I can help you.