"Do you have someone to talk to?"

By Penny (Kevin's Mom):  I was asked today, "Do you have someone to talk to?". I said "no... no one wants to hear about this .. It's an unacceptable tragedy.... so I'm going to do the only thing I know to do... I'm going to write and sing about it". It's the only way I know how "to talk about it". My son describes what happened on the "Intro" page of this website. It was a vehicular homicide. With no way to contact the victim's family, and no way to know how to navigate this horrific tragedy for himself and his family, my son began writing.... then we began writing together, in an effort to give this extreme tragedy a voice. I asked a good friend, "how do we get through this?". My friend had spent time in prison, and he said, the only way, was to use this experience to save others. To save lives, from the life that was taken. I told my son, "God decided to do it this way, and I will help you... we'll do this together". 

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