"Because I've Never Been Asked"

Being new in this journey, and learning how to tell this story, I've heard from others, the most amazing testimonies and real-life accounts.   More than not, the sharer of information will say to me, “I don't talk about this, but because you asked, I'm going to tell you”.  

I'm blown away, that these victims, keep their pain to themselves.  

I had the pleasure of working with a lady, for three days.  She asked what kind of music I was writing.  Told her I was working on a project with my son, about addiction-awareness-intervention.  She told me, that her father, an uncle and two brothers suffered from the same, and there is nothing we can do, until they decide to change their lives.  I agreed with her, then shared the story of my son, and how it has all stopped, and how someone elses life was taken.   

This is where she stopped me…

My new friend told me that she had four brothers, and they all died, from a man driving a semi-truck while under the influence.  Not only did her four brothers die, but two more cars behind them as well.  A total of eleven people died, in the hands of this drunk driver.   One brother had 7-year-old twin boys.  Raising them on his own, as their mother had died when they were two.  My friend adopted her nephews, and raised them as her own, all the while helping her mother through a debilitating disease.  This was so much for me to take in.   The twins are now in their late 30's, and  I looked at this beautiful woman, knowing I could never imagine what she went through.  I asked her how she held on, and what if any kind of outlet she had, during the hardest of time.  She said there was none, and there was no time to care for herself.    There is more to her story, but it's not for me to continue to tell.  

I shared with her, the story of what Kevin is sharing, about his life. My new friend was very interested and supported Kevin's path.  I asked her how she could believe in what Kevin was doing, and how she could have a heart for him.  She went on to tell me about her experience, and the driver of the semi.  Said that, to this day, he still believes he didn't cause the wreck, and doesn't show remorse. This she sees every year while appearing at hearings.  Said she just would like to see a sign of remorse and that this is where our stories differ.   She sees the work Kevin is doing and sees and feels his heart.  

My new friend told me she doesn't usually share all of this information, about her life, and how her mother had told her, before she died, that there needed to be a movie written, about their life.

I asked my friend why she doesn't talk about it…. she said, “Because no one asks me”.  





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