"That's My Guitar", words & music by Kevin Aldridge & Penny Menze (c)2022


“That’s My Guitar”. Another song for the upcoming album. This song is very special, as it was a birthday gift, written by my son. For many years, Kevin had a love/hate relationship with my music. From the time he was 5 years old, I worked two jobs. A day job and playing in bands 2-4 nights per week. Recently, before the crash, I gave Kevin a guitar, that I made a living with…I had Merle Haggard sign it years ago, for my son, because Kevin loved Merle… and it’s our families that pay for our music. Music takes us away.

When we found out our dear friend Curt Taggart didn’t have much time, Kevin and I went to see him. We brought the guitar. Curt and I sang together one last time, and he signed this guitar. I knew this guitar would be something “real” in Kevin’s life. Going in and out of rehabs, he was giving up.

The day of the accident (vehicular homicide DUI), Kevin was selling everything he had. His entire welding business. The only thing he had left, 
In his possession that meant anything, were pictures of his daughters, the guitar and a watch from his great Uncle. When he caused the death of another, and serious injuries to the man’s wife, Kevin wanted to finally end his life. He was under suicide watch for a week. When he could have a paper and pen, he wrote the conversations that he was having with God. Everything he wrote was poetic and powerful ….I told him to keep writing … that I would turn the poems into songs and record an album and tell his story. That God decided to do it this way, and now we just need to listen to God. I told him I would help him. I jumped in the studio because I felt this would save my sons life. Give him purpose and save others and honor the man who died, and his wife. Kevin heard the song … he heard his words, and he knew without a doubt what we could do… what he could do and what we could do together. …… he got it ….it’s in his DNA…. He discovered the power of his pen.

For the last year and half Kevin has written at least 300 poems/songs. A few months in, he told me “Mom, I always thought you loved music more than me, now I realize our lives went down these paths, to come together for this moment. It was music that kept a barrier between us …. And it was music that tore the wall down and brought us together. Being stuck in addictions …. We’ve learned that things aren’t always what you think. Reminds me of another song he wrote “A Choice To Choose”

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