"You will either die, or you will go to prison"

While visiting Kevin, I asked him a question….  “What would you tell someone, stuck in addiction”?   He said, “There's two things that will happen, you will either die, or you will go to prison”.   

Sifting through all this, Kevin is reflecting and writing.  He's currently writing a book, describing how he got to prison, and the lives he affected.  

First is a decision.  The choice to choose.  The help is there, if you make the choice to stop. 

Most times it's not as easy as “addiction”…. there are underlying causes.    The only way to find them, is to make the choice, stop, and find the help and keep going.  “The daily decision”.  

How do the loved ones hang on and help?  How much is enabling and how much is helping?  

As Kevin writes his book, and we continue to write the songs and share this story, we will find the outlets and people that can help answer these questions.  Outlets to help others…. Outlets to continue and help our family.   The first thing that has to happen is “The choice to choose”.  There's no “easy button”… only a choice, and a decision.


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