"Because I Care"

"Cracked, Not Broken", The Kevin Hines story.  

Looking for groups, in the area, where I can share my son and I's upcoming album, and his story..... I ran across speaker, Kevin Hines. This gentleman tried to commit suicide 15 years ago. He jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge.  He survived.  Not many have.  Now it is his life mission to cherish every day and help others cope, and make that daily decision.  Hines has written a book about his story and is now a speaker and advocate.  

He shares how when he let go of the rail, at that moment, he didn't want to die, and as he was falling, he wanted God to save him.... Looking back, he says, if someone would have reached out, he would have stopped and talked with them.  

You'll never know how you affect someone, on any given day.  To let them know you care... it can change someone's life.  To give them a smile.  To somehow connect with them.  


My son and I are co-writing lyrics.  We are constantly mailing them back and forth, our ideas.  He's sharing his soul.  I'm sharing it with him.  We are connecting through writing.   In one of his envelopes of songs and rewrites, he wrote a note, "Thank you for everything you've done.  You brought me back from the dead".    

I didn't realize I was connecting with him through writing.  I instinctively knew that writing was his lifeline... to keep him engaged.  I didn't know how powerful it really was/is.  

Writing....  to everyone that has written Kevin.... You sent him a letter, this showed him and told him you cared... this created a connection.  This is how he made it through the first year.  Thank you.     

We are eleven months into Kevin's sentence.  Kevin's messages, his songs, his outlook are night and day, from where he was last year.   He has a purpose now to help others, and to connect with them.... writing and songs.   

I guess what I'm trying to say, is this..... writing to someone is a great way to connect.  It doesn't have to be much.... Just a simple note .... "Because I Care".... it really can change the outcome of someone's world. 

Reading about the above speaker, Kevin Hines, I realized this is what helped my son the most.  He was isolated... he had no control of his world... it was the words and writing that brought him back... and then his will to live.




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